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One of Einstein's great insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of the same thing.
Matter can be turned into energy, and energy into matter.



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Welcome to the Paranormal Playground, a web site dedicated to presenting paranormal evidence without the DOGMA! Led by Acid Entertainment founder and psychic medium Brandi Lynn Borgia, Acid Entertainment is a non-denominational paranormal investigative group that doesn't align itself with any one discipline.

"We are seekers of the truth and aren't influenced by anything but the evidence we gather and the supernatural occurrences we experience. We are not trying to explain the unexplainable, but merely trying to better understand it."Brandi Lynn Borgia

The field of Paranormal Research is highly misunderstood and many waters remain unchartered. There are many paranormal researcher's guilty of adding their own ideas to their findings just to fill in the blanks. Acid Entertainment adds nothing to their findings; what happens is what is reported and analyzed.

This photograph was taken at Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Olmsted Falls, OH. Psychic medium, and Acid Entertainment founder Brandi Lynn Borgia had just discovered strong energy within this circle (not a grave). When standing inside it feels like you're being pulled down.

orb moving

A psychic has the added advantage when investigating the paranormal to sense where energy is moving and point the camera in that direction.

Brandi Lynn Boriga, psychic medium, eyes


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Brandi Lynn Borgia, 10/13/12
Brandi Lynn Borgia, October 2012

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Some Paranormal Researchers are just as guilty of spewing forth dogma as the next 'group' or institution. The paranormal research team representing Acid Entertainment leaves personal beliefs, ideologies and expectations out of their investigations. At this point in time, much is NOT understood about ghosts, haunted houses, and pyschic abilities. Many in the field of paranormal research have become guilty of "exploiting" their miracles, or eyewitness accounts of unexplained phenomena to pay homage to their own ideas and beliefs.
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